Portrait Mixed Media Drawing!

A cheeky fellow asked if I would draw him the other day and when I came across the reference picture for this drawing I loved the creative angle and composition it had been taken at. I could instantly see in my minds eye the textural treatment I would want to create in this drawing ... so without a doubt most of the kudos goes to Wangs' friend Hasmizar Hassan for the awesome reference pic!

11.65 x 9 Inches
Mixed Media: Chinese Ink, Compressed Charcoal, White Pencil Chalk, Conte Crayon & 
Staedtler Luna Aquarell Watersoluble Colour Pencils on
Grey Toned Daler Rowney Ingres Pastel Paper

Loved doing this one. It was quite different from other portraits I've done, using many mediums and techniques together I haven't used in ages... and I had tons of fun!.. Chinese ink was one of them, and though my lecturer said I had quite a nack for the medium way back in college, I hadn't really dabble with it much since.. I just felt immediately, the fluidity of Chinese ink would complement this piece.. I made the right decision I think,..though there's always room for improvement with my skill of application. More experimenting with mixes like this me thinks.. :)

Thanks for having a peek!.. :)

p.s. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, beside being cheeky, this lad's not only the talented drummer of (Hard Rock, Rock & Roll, Desert Rock, Alternative) band Djezna's Stalker but T.V. Producer of  'Homegrown Malaysia'! ...  Talented guy Wangster Jian Xiong!


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