Drawings, Paintings And A Little In Between.

Hiya guys! It's swelteringly hot here in Malaysia at the mo (yes more than usual), but I'm in good spirits as I've been in full swing working on my latest piece (a soft pastel drawing) after finally Finally! completing half a year of sparsely interspersed classes (due to an overcrowded driving school) and getting my driving licence! I've been deathly scared of driving my whole life but with aging parents, knowing how to drive was a must in case of an emergency. The worrying weight of the past year has been lifted from my mind and I actually quite enjoy driving now.

Meanwhile I made some new additions for my studio!

Turned an old Cable Reel into new tables for my studio!
 ... which you can see the WIP for at 


Kept things pretty simple artwork wise, with drawings taking centre stage for most of this year so far,.. here are my favs..

Graphite and Watercolour Drawing
'Salty Waters'
Graphite Pencil, Chinese Black Ink and W&N Artists Watercolour on Textured Archival (acid & Lignen Free) Paper.
Size: 12 x 19 Inches.

Female nude charcoal drawing
Female Nude D35
Vine & Charcoal Pencil on Newsprint Paper (non-archival) mounted onto archival Japanese rice paper.
Size: 8.6 x 8.4 Inches

With a few paintings..

Impressionistic Bedroom Interior Oil painting with Woman and Cat
'Morning Visitor'
Medium: Winsor & Newton Artists Oils on W&N Gesso Primed Canvas Board
Size: 5.1 x 7.4 Inches
Private Collection

Mixed Media Painting of African Woman, Lion and Mouse
'Midnight Stars'
Medium: W&N Artists Oil, Gilded with Gold Metal Leaf. Support: Black Plaka Mural Stained Raw Stretched Canvas Primed With Clear Acrylic Gloss.
Size: 6.7 x 11.7 Inches

Struggled with this piece quite a bit and it took Ages to complete!.. Wanted to create something really different palette wise, however picturing something completely new in my minds eye, clear enough to be executed well, proved more difficult that usual. I am pretty confident I can create what I want if  I do have a clear vision of it usually,.. however with this piece it was truly trial and error all the way through. 

Right now I'm inching back to creating larger works with this minimalist pastel drawing (a medium I've not worked with much before and not for the past 15 years). It's a forgiving material up to a point and I'm taking my time to really get it to where I want it to be..

Soft Pastel Work in progress
Easel set up at a 30 degree angle for the soft pastel

Thanks for the visit!..
That's all for now folks! :)


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