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 Hi folks!.. I've quite neglected this here blog for quite a bit.. Two years have passed... We've all had our fill of em' two I think. Thought I'd post my favorite completed works of the two though.. Latest is 'Hubris' still awaiting its final varnish in January, so no proper picture yet!! 'Hubris' Oil on Canvasboard 12 x 14.5 Inches Painted using a technique similar to the Flemish glaze technique, I first started off with an umber underpainting in acrylic, then a dead layer with a predominantly Terra Verte hued mixture, and then finally multiple thin scumbled glazed layers of oil paint... I pretty much used the same technique I used to paint another piece I did years back. You can checkout the WIP for that piece at  Ghost Rider . This piece was actually just completed by early 2020, but might as well be included here since it hasn't been so yet!.. Reflective Infoxication' Oil and Silver Metal leaf on Canvasboard 24 x 17 Inches If you're int

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