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Drawings, Paintings And A Little In Between.

Hiya guys! It's swelteringly hot here in Malaysia at the mo (yes more than usual), but I'm in good spirits as I've been in full swing working on my latest piece (a soft pastel drawing) after finally Finally! completing half a year of sparsely interspersed classes (due to an overcrowded driving school) and getting my driving licence! I've been deathly scared of driving my whole life but with aging parents, knowing how to drive was a must in case of an emergency. The worrying weight of the past year has been lifted from my mind and I actually quite enjoy driving now.
Meanwhile I made some new additions for my studio!
 ... which you can see the WIP for at 
DIY Reclaimed Wooden Cable Reel Semicircle Floating Table
Making a Quarter Corner Floating Standing Desk from Reclaimed Wooden Cable Reel

Kept things pretty simple artwork wise, with drawings taking centre stage for most of this year so far,.. here are my favs..

With a few paintings..

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