Packing My Little Ones Off

Hi all,. I'm all psyched cause I recently sold and shipped off my first ACEO (Art Card Editions and Originals) sold on Ebay!.. :)

Here's the lil one with the complementary protective casing that it was sent in..

ACEO Garlic Alla Prima (one of my daily paintings)
with its label stating all details on the piece and
acid free tissue paper for added protection.

Cream coloured on the outside...
The casing was made with Daler Rowney acid free (alkaline-sized and pH neutral) mountingboard.
However I did try to use recycled materials whenever possible.

The casing was made to protect the painting for shipping but looks great for displaying the piece too!!

and tan on the inside..

Be sure to check out other small art pieces I have available on Ebay here k!.. :)

Thanks for the Visit!!


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