VDA Freakshow Group Exhibition

Hi ho mates, can I just say, the year has been awesome so far.. Plans for swinging off my artistic ride with a group exhibition sometime this March or April has come to fruition with a wonderful group collaboration with my ex 'Visual & Digital Art' college mates and lecturers of yesteryear!.. 

Us lot are all undoubtedly freaky all round, thus the show was appropriately dubbed 
VDA : Freakshow, and will be running through the 4th-12th March'16
at Minut Init Art Social Galleria,.. so it's still going on guys!.. 

As usual, though I had planned to take some pics at the opening, I was so busy catching up with old mates and getting to know new ones that I just couldn't seem to sneak in some good pics.. Fortunately the Minut Init gang posted some on Facebook which I will unashamedly share here.. :)

Visitors admiring our amazing guru Khairul “MeMe” Azmir Shoib fantastically creative detailed works, which were undoubtedly the highlight of the evening. He painted the mural behind his work in just a few hours guys..

'MeMe' not only blew us away as usual, but also 'THE DAILY SENI' art reviewer who dropped by! I was lucky enough to get a little mention too!.. Read the article at 

There was live music by guitar strum-er Francis Wolf

Listening to some pearls of wisdom from our ex lecturer...
Haha.. it was a dressed down event.. :P

After an inspirational tour of the artpiece's, we were able to head on down to the floor below for some chillin' and drinks!.. 

There is simply no other joint like Minut Init in Malaysia that I know of guys. Its authentic underground bohemian flavour permeates the abundant creative vibes that it regularly plays host to. From the visual arts to the literary (poetry night), there's a comedy night, drink n' draw, live bands of course and sooo much more.. As Juice Magazine had to say...

"Minut Init is a punk rock-esque art space, like the smoky underground confined art spaces of the LA do-it-yourself art scene’s glory days. It has been home to alt-art exhibitions such as the new media-inclined Made in Phones and counter culture-sounding Tahi Cicak. It’s easier to name a bigger art venue, but we say let’s give a round of applause to the smaller guys too.” – (Best Art Venue, Juice Best Of 2011)

As it so happens, our closing will be fortuitously coinciding with the groovy tunes of 
 The Kickback@Minut Init. So if you are in the mood for some top notch unwinding & catching the last night of our visual fest as well, head on down this Saturday 12th, 9pm onwards.. :)

Thanks for the visit!..

p.s. keep up to date with Minut Init's latest events at its Facebook page : Minut Init art social & Minut Init


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