Redesigning our New Home!!!...

Hiya guys, I thought I'd just post a little of what I've been getting up to these past months as we prepare to move!.. From redesigning a whole new kitchen, studio, porch and utility room to designing an elderly friendly porch, bathroom etc.. for an elderly parent (major renovations by virtue of a benevolent sibling) , it's been a great learning experience testing out my untapped & totally inexperienced interior designing skills, lol.. Here is a peek of the final designs after a heap of sketches with endless feedback from family and friends !

Good news is all the designs are done and now I can kick up my heels and leave it to the contractor!!.. Not!.. lol if only it was that easy ay. 
Ahh can't wait to be finally settled in, hopefully by May!..

p.s. So looking forward to finally getting back to work in my brand new studio!!... 
Here's a sneak peek of the extension being made for it!!..
Am I crazy lucky or what!!.. :D
Testing out my easel in the soon to be built studio!..


  1. This brought back so many memories of when my family and I undertook the project of re-designing our living room. It went from bland couch and television room with a lot of empty space to a room with mirrors built into the walls, brand new carpet, and spacious but full living space. I'm so glad people still care enough to put time into their home.

    Ruby Simmons @ You Had Me At Hello


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