Dragon Eye Underpainting

... and the dragon eye underpainting is finally complete!.....

Acrylic on Canvas Board
about 5" x 7" in size

Depicting a mythological instant of creation or creations, reflected in the eye of a dragon (the eye also a play on the etymological root of dragon 'drakein' which is 'to see clearly').
Dragon's have been associated with the beginnings of time, chaos, in various myths and legends in different contexts. Some mythic representations are not really dragon's in the original stories per say (like Tiamat) however the dragons imagery was somehow attached later on... Reflected in it's eye is the inside view of a black hole, the singularity of creation seemingly brought to life by Michelangelo's God as depictedin his 'Creation of Adam' masterpiece....  Ancient symbols tied with creation from various civilizations (ouroboros, Om, tao, pheuma and kneph) are carved in the dragons skin...
A questioning juxtaposition of humanities beliefs through the ages and its inexhaustible search for the true nature of the beginning of time and indeed the meaning of life itself.....

 I've always loved how the underpainting, and then dead layer of these pieces look, and thought it would be nice to have displayable art pieces of them at these stages. Thus it occurred to me to have them made available in high quality fine art prints,.. If your interested.. check it out!.. :)

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