Creative Commons..

Hi guys, I've finally gotten round to officially making all my 'original' artwork available via the Creative Commons - Attribution- Noncommercial licence, by...well, posting my position on the matter here!..

'Copyrighted © All Rights Reserved' will hopefully become a thing of the past as we have more freedom to collectively share and build upon each others creative ideas and works which are incontrovertibly unoriginal at conception anyway.

Holding on to something so ambiguous has undeniably a lot to do with the profit motive,.. perhaps if we can let this parasitic incentive go, we can truly put all our intellects and innovations (from all strata of society, uninhibited by lack of resources or knowledge) to creating what will genuinely be beneficial to society as a whole and the earth!..

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(if ya see anything about it that needs improving, please do tell.. Thanks!..:))


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