Special Portrait

Although this was quite a small, straightforward portrait to do, it was very special.
It's a portrait of my boyfriends auntie who passed on some 10 years ago. Referencing the very last picture taken of her, a small passport sized photo, her head measured no more than 2cm in the photo...
However although the reference pic was tiny, after scanning at high res I had a larger version to reference on my computer (a little blurry but ok since the final portrait was to be quite small too). Though I know of certain artists who will not do a portrait in dry brush under a certain size I thought I'd give it a go since it was specially requested. It was also requested that the portrait be just a close up composition of her face. 

Oil Paint Dry Brushed on 140lb textured Fabriano Watercolour Paper
Size: 6.35" x 8.4"

One side of her face was heavily shadowed in the photo. This I adjusted in the portrait, as well as increasing the overall warmth of the original photos lighting (so it looked more like natural lighting)..

Hopefully I did her justice... :)

Thanks for the visit!


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