Portrait of Mum

To practice my colour dry brushing skill, I decided to do a portrait of me mum. With a little more lee-way to experiment, I wanted to throw something a bit more creative into the mix; thus the watercolour design in the background... :)

Oil Paint Dry Brushed on Fabriano Watercolour Paper 
with a Watercolour Background Design
Size : 9.25" x 12.5"

Loved this picture as my mum had a particularly cute, cheeky smile. It was taken with her close childhood buddy the first time they met after some 37 years... Fortunately it was a clear photograph and I was able to work with a high res picture this time...

I'll be posting another simpler but still very special colour dry brushed portrait I completed prior to this one as soon as it has been delivered to its recipient...

Till then..

It was great fun to try something different with a portrait this time... I've been itching to get back to other forms of art though, so you should be seeing more non portrait pieces soon.. :)

Thanks for the visit!... :)


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