Hiya guys!.. Thanks for dropping by!.. Hope ya guys have had a chance to check out my weekly 'SUNDAY FREE GIVEAWAY' on my facebook page Jacqueline Gomez Fine Artist where I giveaway one of my favourite practice drawings of the week to whoever says they want it first!..

It's been great fun, and it's great that these drawings that would otherwise just be getting moldy and taking up space in my studio are now infusing art lovers homes with that unique rare feeling only original art-pieces can imbue. I do not have the copyright for these particular pieces, as they are practice drawings using images from pixelovely.com, which is why I'm giving them away! (In other words, if I could sell them, I would, but since I can't, I might as well give them away!)
This is why I won't be able to do this forever or with pieces created from paid life studies or images I have purchased the rights to, for obvious reasons. Beside the time taken, life drawing sessions can be quite pricey (for me at least) and are rare in Malaysia, which is the reason I rely and find these online sites for practicing, a blessing. 

Ok on to the real reason I'm here today... 
To post my latest oil painting based on Gustav Klimt's Original 'Death and Life'.!..

Size: 7.5 x 5.1 Inches

Artist's statement excerpt
"Gustav Klimt's painting 'Death and Life' is quite typically Symbolist in both its content and form and here I attempt to bring the symbolism of the 'Life' group, in which intertwined figures of infancy, youth, maturity and old age, celebrating life bound up in love ,.. a step further in its inclusiveness......"
read and see more...

That's all for now folks!... :)


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