Golden Flame

Hi all, this be my latest and first major piece of the year, a huge 60 x 60 inch commission!
I haven't painted a piece so large in ages! A well needed break from the tiny ACEOs that I've been painting so much lately.. :)

'Golden Flame'
Medium: Acrylic & Charcoal on Raw Canvas
Size: 60 x 60 Inches

Inspired by a traditional Japanese lucky charm called Daruma, the toy is rich in symbolism and modelled after the founder of the Zen sect of Buddhism, Bodhidharma. 

It was commissioned for a new contemporary Japanese restaurant (Zenjo) that will be opening its doors in Damansara this month!. They were really fantastically supportive in letting me fully work my creative juices (with some helpful suggestions), worked up from the base Daruma inspiration they had specified, which happened to be right down my alley! 
Zen philosophy has been quite a constant in a lot of my work over the years and so I quite enjoyed delving in the legend that Daruma is shaped from (it's quite a gruesome one at that!).

Okie, long winded post over.

Thanks for the visit!.. :)

p.s. Limited Edition fine art print of Golden Flame
p.s.s Thanks so much to Mils for thinking of me!.. :)

p.s.s.s Check out 'Golden Flame' at Zenjo's Opening!


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