Here's a final sketch of a painting I'm preparing..

It will only be a small piece 12" x 14.5". A mix of realistic and flat 2D surfaces...
Also forgot to draw a carved inscription on the table top 'Andy Was Here',..
 Andy being the shortened version of Andrew or Andreas
(check out their root meanings and you'll see where I'm headed.. :))

A poke at society's blind love affair with centuries old and superficially axiomatic traditions or belief systems. Belief systems that perpetuates circumstances that concentrate 85% of the world's wealth to only the top 10%, half to the top 2%! These are stats from way back in 2006 however, the divide of inequality is ever widening. Traditional belief systems that are still pervasive and held on to because of fear and ignorance. The tradition of running after the proverbial carrot in the backward monetary system we call the rat race,... The emphasis on self-assertive values (competition, expansion, domination) that are still preserved because of the perceived upper-hand gained.

Anyways I could go on but I hadn't really planned on writing about it here... just yet, so forgive me if I haven't been as eloquent as I should be....

Should post the details of my next exhibition by the end of the month or in February...!

Reference :- turkey carcass by clang boom steam (Flickr)
- weathered wood by m.gifford (Flickr)
Both were under the Creative Commons (for commercial use, adaptation, modification or to be built upon).

Thanks for visiting! :)

 (UPDATE : mulling the title ' Instinct ?...' which articulates the question of what modern society takes for granted as 'instinctual behaviour' and the more pervasive 'survival of the fittest' Ayn Rand indoctrination of modern times. Not sure if it's enough to articulate other aspects of the painting though)

p.s Update 2021 - After many long starts and stops, this piece is done.. Still needs a varnish in 6 months time, but here it is, freshly completed on the easel..


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