New Zeitgeist Movie Finally Out!!

This would be another detour from my normal arty posts,.. but this was too important and I'm besides myself with excitement and had to post something about it... The newest movie, "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" by Peter Joseph, will be finally out for free download on the long awaited 25th !...
Latest update!.. will be out at approx. 9am EDT (26th)!!.. :)

UPDATE! : Before watching this latest movie, it's best to watch it's prequel "Zeitgeist Addendum" first (if you haven't already), for it sets the stage about the fractional reserve, the monetary system and on society as a whole.... "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" answers many of the more pervasive questions that have been brought up since "Zeitgeist Addendum"...
watch (Zeitgeist 2) "Zeitgeist Addendum" on YouTube here!
watch (Zeitgeist 3) "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" on YouTube here!

Below is the great news the movement emailed it's members on the movies amazing success!!.. :)

" Bravo to the Movement!!

I'm happy to report that "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" is a wild success and
turned into an unprecedented film release premiere. What started as a
thought of having maybe 30 total theaters screening the film instead turned
into 30 languages alone with a total count of 335 theaters in 60 countries,
and still growing daily! With multiple screenings at most of the 335
theaters, our total number of screenings is well over 1,000 world-wide. The
response to the film has been huge... reports coming in of sold-out crowds
in venues ranging upwards of 500-900 seat capacity.

With only minimal feedback so far, here are some noteworthy examples of the
global impact of ZMF. In Vancouver, Canada they booked an 820 seat theater
but had about 2,000 people show up! Ryan, the coordinator, had to turn
hundreds away and fortunately was able to secure another 700 seat venue for
a few days later. In Serbia, the coordinator Milan, had a 400 seat theater
overflowing with people, many people sitting on the floor and in the
aisles! They "had" to book additional screenings to meet the demand.  Bruno
from Brazil is reporting over capacity crowds and booked new screenings in
larger venues.  Natalija, the Croatian coordinator, had sell out crowds
with professors, scientists and media in attendance and requests to
interview her.  Stefan in Denmark and Seth in the Netherlands have both had
press and public screenings that included former members of Parliament,
scientists and professors as well as media with interviews.  In Russia, the
theaters finally caught the buzz about the film and have agreed to screen
in 2 theaters, which were virtually impossible to secure before.

South Africa had overflow capacity and booked additional screenings. Rishi
from India, has reported our largest venue at 2,000 seats at Goa
University. Malak, our Palestinian coordinator, will be screening at the
Ebdaa' Institution at the Al-Dehesha Refugee Camp in the West Bank.
Federico, the Italian coordinator, had arguably the biggest TV celebrity in
Italy, Paolo Bonolis, attend the Rome screening and publicly express his
love for ZMF.  He wants to dedicate an episode of his programme, "Il senso
della vita", to the Zeitgeist Movement. His show reached up to 8 million
viewers and is among the most watched in Italy. Dozens of broadcasting
requests have come in for post Jan 25th television broadcast, as well as
film festival interest.

The Los Angeles premiere hosted by Artivist Film Festival on Jan. 15th was
a big hit with a sell out crowd of 845! There was audience applause
throughout the film and a standing ovation at the end. Michael Ruppert was
in attendance and Lili Haydn, whose music was featured in parts of ZMF, as
well as noteworthy progressives. LA's most popular independent radio
station KPFK was filming the event and interviewed Peter and guests.
Artivist filmed the Q & A with Peter and that will be available online

This has developed to possibly be the largest independent global theatrical
premiere, covering the most languages, countries and locations. The movie
and the movement are on the global radar now and your efforts are a huge
part of this success!

The Online Release is set for Jan. 25th but could happen sooner depending
on the level of theatrical interest. This delay is to ensure that the
non-profit events are sustained enough so the parties who have taken on the
risk can hopefully make back their expenses. Any money obtained otherwise
goes towards their Chapter's work - specifically ZDAY 2011

The DVD release will occur in late Jan., including the free, full
resolution, dual layer DVD Torrent download in 30 language subtitles.

A 5$ DVD is also available from and is now
available for Pre-Order:

Please note that while Peter offers his films for free online viewing and
free download, with no restriction on non-sale duplication/distribution and
free public display - he simply cannot continue creating such media unless
some do, indeed, actually buy the DVD. So, please respect this if you care
about the Zeitgeist Film Project. The DVD is a dual layer, 8 gig with the
full 2 hour and 41 min film, in a standard, sealed case; offered for 75%
less than the commercial price of most DVDs. This film cost over $200,000
to create and if you want to see Zeitgeist IV (!), you will need to help
him recover from this huge work.

Please submit all photos, videos, press, local promotional materials and
quotable statistics to We are going to
compile all your materials into a virtual "scrapbook" to be posted on the
ZMF site. At a glance, this will illustrate the reach and success of this
film release. Once the premiere period ends Jan 25th and I get the final
counts in, I will compile our potentially record-breaking numbers and post
that information on the site.

Have a look at the global map and see the span of locations ZMF is

Listen to a recent interview (Jan 19th) with Peter Joseph on KPFK Radio
about the explosion of this film across the world:

Thank you all for your tremendous work in making this film such a global
sensation- we are doing it!! :)

Global Release Coordinator
"Zeitgeist: Moving Forward"   

Thanks for visiting!.. :)


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