Dragon Eye

I've been having a blast brushing up on my drawing skills lately with Nicolaides schedule, and find I'm already getting much faster and more confident practicing his technique of using all of ones senses in drawing.... but thats not what I'm here for, rather it's to let you in on my latest project that I've been working on, besides the Ghost Rider Painting (featured below),... a series of small Fantasy Art Paintings,.. ! 

Below are a few of my preliminary thumbnail sketches for the first painting.. Naturally I'd be doing a dragon at some point so why not for the first of the series..:)... 

Before hand, quite a bit of research was done about "Dragon anatomy", though there is still much to learn.. Now of course, they are fantasy creatures, and there are no definitive ways to portray them. However it couldn't hurt to get a few lessons on feasible anatomical constructions for such a creature, if they were to so exist.... Anyways I started off with a detail of a dragons eye, and the sketch below is the one I've decided settled on...

Referring to the eyes of cats and lizards, I tried to construct a convincing dragon eye, still letting my imagination run free as to how it would all blend in together,... What one has to keep in mind in giving a convincing look, is the light source (which probably doesn't translate much in this sketch)... I might make a complete detailed tonal drawing to work out more of the details before proceeding to transfer the finished concept on to my roughly 5 x 7in small canvas board... yes quite small but very cool size for a mini series..

I've always profusely loved fantasy art (besides being an avid fantasy literary buff). That love was a very strong factor in influencing me in doing art in the first place,... but strangely enough, I'd never attempted doing any.. till now that is!... :)

It's sure going to be fun letting my imagination and creativity run wild, creating whatever fanciful fantasy I wish.....!

Thanks for Visiting!.. :)

p.s. See the completed final sketch ready to be painted here!
p.s.s See Completed Underpainting here!


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