A Friend's Chair

This painting will probably be quite familiar to most of ya art lovers ( at least the original would be). It's a repainting of Van Gogh's Chair that I did way WAY back when, as a 21st Birthday present for an old friend.
As many art students do in learning their craft, I copied one of my favourite masters, and in turn, got a small taste of what a genius Van Gogh was with colour..

Oil on Canvas Mounted on Heavyweight Cardboard
Size: 12 x 8.7 Inches
The reds of the tiled floor are actually more orangy in my repainting, but as is often the case, reds are really hard and often impossible to capture accurately in digital form (even with the help of photoshop).

It was lovely to see it again, for its long looonng overdue varnish and clean up after so many years... As you can imagine, it was quite grubby. It had also never been varnished before ( I didn't really think of such things at the time, and though I had meant to get it back for varnishing at some point, the 'some point' turned out to be 13 years later... lol). Despite this I did manage to get it relatively clean with some artists white spirit and a good ol' putty eraser. You can be sure, I'll never let one my paintings run wild, without any protection for so long, ever again!. (at least as long as I can help it!)

Ok that's it!... Thanks for the visit guys!.. :)

p.s. you might notice the little key (for her 21st Birthday) added in the box in the background.. :)


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