Timeless Chaos ACEO

Hi there, here's my latest tiny conceptual piece, painted on copper!.. :)
The idea for this painting was derived 10 years ago and is actually taken from a much larger oil that I had never been really satisfied with and thus never completed...
Thus the creation of this lil' one, a sort of completion of the old piece, perfecting the elements I had been less than happy with, and creating a sort of preliminary final visualization as reference for when I plan to redo the larger piece again in the future...
This also gives me a chance to make this piece available as one of my few choice affordable conceptual art works!.. 

'Timeless Chaos' ACEO
Oil on Copper Mounted on Primed Linen on Thin Wood
Size: 2.5 Inches x 3.5 Inches
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Deriving inspiration from philosophical & scientific theories of time and space,this composition seeks to render and meld both dynamical systems theory & relativity with zen philosophy... 
Featured is the classic Ford Model T, which as you know, if your familiar with my work, is a reoccurring subject used in my conceptual work..

If your interested here are a few links to this piece as it unfolded- painting wip & the support!..

Thanks for the visit guys!.. :)


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