Learning from the Masters

Here it is.. Finally it's finished...!

Completed oil painting,... Dust and all! and finally my partners got his painting I've been promising for so long... :)
Oil on Canvas Board
21" x 16"

As promised, here is a detailed explanation of the technique I used in repainting this painting, one of Clayton Crain's Original Ghost Rider art pieces in non digital media- Acrylic, Alkyd (fast drying Oil paint) and Oil paint (depending on the painting stage ) ....

As I have mentioned before, Clayton Crain is an incredible artist who does a lot of work for Marvel, the Ghost Rider series being one of them... To check out his awesome work first hand, here's a link to his website claytoncrain.com . It's important to clarify again that this painting was done for educational purposes only and not for any monetary gain on my part whatsoever. 
Mr. Crain on the whole, as I know it, creates most of his comic art digitally (photoshop...) as with this one. In so doing he creates highly detailed luminous effects in his paintings similar to those achieved in the Venetian or glazing technique used in painting with traditional media. Although painting on screen achieves a luminosity that cannot be surpassed via traditional media due to the lighted screen reverberating throughout the layers, I believe that that becomes irrelevant once printed out and thus an attempt at recreating a semblance at least to the printed version is possible. In so doing, I endeavored to learn a little of Mr. Crain's artistry...

Thought it would be better to break the whole process in to 4 main stages (posts) so you could jump to the ones you feel are of most interest to you and for overall ease of access..

Click on the links below to leap in!!....
Part 2 : Detailed underpainting (in earth toned Acrylic)
Part 3 : Detailed Dead Layer (in a greenish Alkyd)
Part 4 : Multiple Glazed Layers (in Alkyd and normal oil paint)


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