The Natural Way to Draw

As I won't be able to post a pic of the current work I'm working on for copyright reasons (hopefully in the future), I thought I would post about a related project that I will be committing to in the coming weeks...

Drawing is of course the fundamental building block for everything (art wise), and there is no end to improving ones skill (which I need a lot of). Though I have been practicing, it has been somewhat sporadic. Besides sketching and times when I need my drawing skills, practice on improving my drawing skills has not been serious for sometime (since my college days in fact). Thus I've decided to concentrate a few hours a day following a method (and in fact whole course) formulated by Kimon Nicolaides. He came up with the concept of contour drawing and his teaching methods encapsulates all of ones senses... to draw , as he put it, the natural way.

In his book 'The natural way to draw' he has lain out schedules of daily practice sessions approximately 3 hours a day. He does suggest dividing the sessions to 1-2 hour sessions if time is limited,.. so I have committed myself to at least 11/2 hours a day. The lessons have been arranged in a progressive method, each building on what was learnt last. As such skipping ahead is not recommended nor do I wish to, as reacquainting myself with the basics with a clearer eye would, I feel, help me grow even more wholly as an artist.

As an example, the first day (which I'll be breaking in to two, omiting the rest time)
is as follows...

Half hour: Contour (1 drawing)
Half hour: Contour (1 drawing)
1/4 hour: Contour (1 drawing)
1/4 hour: Rest
Half hour: Contour (1 drawing)
One hour: Contour (1-2 drawings)

Contour drawing, if your not acquainted with it already is a method of drawing in which one draws the outline of an object (with the feeling like the pencil tip is touching the actual objects surface) All this is done without letting ones eyes stray back to the paper (keep your eyes glued to the object, following the  contour of the object, your pencil tip keeping the same pace as your eye).

It's important for this exercise to not let your eyes stray to what your drawing.

Now till I have some contour drawings on file here's just a normal sketch of my other half, deep in Ps3 concentration..

'Playing Ps3'
Graphite on Paper
size A5


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