New Studio WIP!!

Hiya guys!..I'm super excited as my studio is in it's final stages of completion!!
Work has been really slow for all reno's at the new house as my contractor has been having problems sourcing materials and getting enough laborers. The progress on the house has been far from ideal but it is what it is. I'm not going to let it dampen my glee for the new house, reno's and the new studio!!.. :D

Here are some wip pics of the studio!

Before the rumble.

Laying the bricks.
Woo.. testing the space with my easel!
More laying of bricks..

It's getting there...

and the windows are in!!

We luckily had old left over windows from other reno's being done to the house so they match perfectly with the rest of the house and their mirror glass will keep the interior cool when closed. I will be keeping them open most of the time though, for the ever important ventilation one needs for a studio, so there will be a good amount of natural light too if I so wish.. hehehe..

I haven't taken a good pic to show the inside yet, but we've put in a 3 panel glass sliding door between the room we extended from and the studio which looks fantastic as it gives the studio a much more spacious feeling, enabling me to check out works in progress from afar while also keeping the noxious fumes from the studio getting into the other room!.. 

I'll post pics once it's all done in a few weeks.. :D
Ta for now!...


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