First Handmade Floater Frame

Hiya, just recently finished making my first floater frame for one of my old paintings!

Here are the pics...

Newly completed, framing a 14.4 x 20 Inch oil painting.
(More info about this painting can be found here)

Back of the frame,..
To be added - a dust cover and some fixtures for hanging..

I love linseed oil finished raw wood for its golden glow which grows ever richer with age..
It also gives excellent protection, drying hard and resisting moisture...

A simple floater frame is really relatively easy to construct and I much prefer the linseed oil finish and overall end product than one I could get from any ol'  frame shop. 
So from now on, (since I just got a proper mitre box that makes 45degree angle cuts a synch!)... whenever possible, I'll be making my own frames.... :)

Can ya tell how psyched I am about my new mitre box!.  

Thanks for the Visit!... :)


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