A Lifetime Warranty

Hi all, I've been spending a lot of time organizing and cataloguing all my work lately (which has been pretty much neglected for years, so it's taking ages), and making sure they've all been properly labelled and such. 

Also being included is a lifetime warranty, together with the normal detailed info of each piece... For prints or works on paper (like the one shown) these labels are not attached to the back of the piece as would be done for a painting on canvas, but in the form of a cert. For easy future reference, this certificate should ideally, always be kept inserted in the back of the piece or its frame...

An etching I sold recently with its personal Lifetime Warranty Certificate..

All details regarding materials to technique involved are included in the certificate.

If your interested, one of these etchings are available now on etsy!!

Thats all for now folks, but there's some new exciting news to come, so stay tuned! :)


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