Framed and Ready for the Exhibition

Finally finished framing this painting last Saturday. This will be the one and only piece I plan to exhibit at the Minit Init Group Exhibition this Saturday ( which will run from the 27th of Nov- 30th of December).

This was no ordinary frame, for it was needed for quite an unusual piece. This mixed media piece is extremely heavy and has a non braced hardboard support. It needed a frame that could support my carefully molded thick plaster of paris sculpting, the heavy rocks and straighten the warped hardboard backing. All while being strong enough to carry their weight when hung on the wall.

So by sawing, carving, drilling, sanding and oiling, a custom fit frame was made that molded to the edges of my mixed media painting, and hopefully will keep it safe and secure for years to come....

Just waiting to be wrapped up and transported
Ancient Satori
Mixed Media
1 painting divided in to 3 panels
Click here to see how it should look hung on the wall

Check out the WIP of the frame here... as well as other detailed discriptions of some of my painting methods and much more at Materializing Inspiration.

Been creating stuff faster than I can write the WIP posts for them,.. but no worries I'll get to them... 

Also coming up is a WIP post on a plaster of paris sculpture just started of my Dragon Eye Painting. This is to help me paint from a more informed and solid basis, and hopefully the realism will translate as it should in the final piece.....

Still being carved the Dragon Eye Sculpture
See it completed here

Don't forget to check out the exhibition! :)


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