New Home, New Studio!..

Hi all!.. So we're finally, yes Finally settled into our new home!.. I'd say we've been settled now for at least a few weeks and I really wanted to post pictures as promised but the camera was unfortunately damaged during the move!.. After more than 8 months of irregular art work, I basically can't draw/paint anymore.. ok kidding, but seriously, bad stuff coming outta me now.

Anyways thankfully my dear partner (who is an amazingly talented photographer btw) just gave me one of his old cams to use!!.. Yay!..  So as I knuckle down with some intensive much needed back to basics practice, let me leave you with some pictures of the specially built extension for my new studio!!... :D

Light, light wonderful light!..
Windows all round.. woo, but unfortunately one has to think of safety, thus they are all barred. 
As you can see there's a lovely newly hewn mango tree (here's a lil sketch) just outside the window and a small patch of dirt where we plan to start growing some organic veges again! 

Inside the cave. First varnishing day at the new studio!

Lovely solid wood table (complements of the bro, as was all the reno's and new house!) to do all manner of work included inside & outside the creative process e.g..varnishing, priming/constructing canvases/frames,cutting etc.
And a small book shelf to put some of me books!.. :)
There's also a huge sink just a hop, skip & a jump out back, something every artist Needs!.. 

If you look Real close you'll spy the fumes from my newly varnished oil paintings, dancing out the window.

All noxious materials are kept in the studio, so that their fumes stay out of the house and my bedroom beside it, which doubles up as my storage room

Lovely view of our garden just outside my window.

Empty canvases, paintings and lesser used material/tools are stored in the room next to my studio so that only the very essentials are kept in my actual work area. This is very similar to how I organized my work space in the old house except now my storage room is just next to the studio!!..

A view of just a tiny part of my storage room (come bedroom) on the left side..

Basically almost half my bedroom stores the rest of my art stuff,.. carefully organized for easy access, and so as to intrude as minimally as possible with the rest of my bedroom.

The walls are still a lil' sparse at the moment.

Like a new pair of shoes, the studio still has some wearing to go.. Probably an organic spread of odd art pieces stuck to the walls, maybe some narrow shelves to keep freshly painted small canvases...  

With triple sliding glass doors, I can analyze and check out how my paintings are looking from afar from the next room!

As you can imagine, it's amazing having ones own solitary space to work in. It's made a world of a difference to not have the constant distractions and goings on that I used to just try and block off, as I worked center stage in my old house. I'm sure my family's quite happy to be rid of my arty clutter too!... :)

Now as I hear the fireworks proclaim the beginning of the Merdeka festivities, I wish all my fellow Malaysians, Selamat Merdeka! 
Thanks for dropping by!.. :D


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