Thursday, November 9, 2017

Favourite Works of The Year!

Hiya guys!.. Man it's been ages since I've posted here.. If you tend to follow any of my other blogs or the 'On the easel...' page on my website, you would have gotten a little more updates on my latest works, however I have rather neglected posting anything here!..

So with the end of the year just looming round the corner, I thought I'd just post some of my favourite art pieces from the year!.. 

'Watercolour 3' Artists Watercolour on 150g/m Archival Paper / Size: 5.8 x 5.8 Inches
More info at: 'Watercolour 3'

'Shawna' / Oil on Raw Canvasboard / Size: 5 x 5 Inches

'The Dress' / Mixed Media Oil Painting / Size: 5.7 x 4.7 Inches

Male Nude D25 / Vine & Charcoal, Sanguine,
White Chalk Pencil & Chinese Ink on Archival Paper / Size: 11.7 x 8.3 Inches

'The Traveller' / Winsor & Newton Oil, Ink, Clear Acrylic & Silver Metal Leaf on
Galleria Gesso Primed Canvas Board
Size: 7. 43 x 5.1 Inches
More info at: 'The Traveller'

'Original Sin' / Winsor & Newton Oil & Silver Metal Leaf on
Galleria Gesso Primed Canvas Board / Size: 7.4 x 5.1 Inches
Available Feb'18 (after final varnish)
More info at: 'Original Sin Rebirth WIP'

'Backlite' / Winsor & Newton Oil & Silver Metal Leaf on
Galleria Gesso Primed Canvas Board / Size: 3.1x 3.4 Inches
More Info: 'Backlite Silverleaf Oil Painting'

Thanks for the visit!.. :)

Saturday, November 12, 2016

In One's Skin: A Group Exhibition on Nudity

Hi guys! A few of my works will be on display at Minut Init from the 11th - 16th November '16, and they will be having a Drink & Draw on closing night too to give everyone a chance to kick back and unwind while exercising their creative flare!..
Minut Init abstract:
 Shed off the perception. In the efforts of recognising gender identity, we invite you to de-sexualize the human body as more than just fuck toys and see them in their most vulnerable state. 

This exhibition is being held in conjuction with #MinutInitSexMonth: Introspection on Gender Identity, in lieu of Trans Awareness Month. It is but one of multiple events Minut Init will be holding this month around the theme of diverse sexuality (details below).

I've always found Minut Init to be a place for stirring conversation and an open progressive vibe, so if you have any down time this month, do drop by... :)
Stay updated on Minut Init's latest events and exhibitions by liking their FB Page Minut Init art social !..

Thanks for the visit!.. :)

Thursday, March 10, 2016

VDA Freakshow Group Exhibition

Hi ho mates, can I just say, the year has been awesome so far.. Plans for swinging off my artistic ride with a group exhibition sometime this March or April has come to fruition with a wonderful group collaboration with my ex 'Visual & Digital Art' college mates and lecturers of yesteryear!.. 

Us lot are all undoubtedly freaky all round, thus the show was appropriately dubbed 
VDA : Freakshow, and will be running through the 4th-12th March'16
at Minut Init Art Social Galleria,.. so it's still going on guys!.. 

As usual, though I had planned to take some pics at the opening, I was so busy catching up with old mates and getting to know new ones that I just couldn't seem to sneak in some good pics.. Fortunately the Minut Init gang posted some on Facebook which I will unashamedly share here.. :)

Visitors admiring our amazing guru Khairul “MeMe” Azmir Shoib fantastically creative detailed works, which were undoubtedly the highlight of the evening. He painted the mural behind his work in just a few hours guys..

'MeMe' not only blew us away as usual, but also 'THE DAILY SENI' art reviewer who dropped by! I was lucky enough to get a little mention too!.. Read the article at 

There was live music by guitar strum-er Francis Wolf

Listening to some pearls of wisdom from our ex lecturer...
Haha.. it was a dressed down event.. :P

After an inspirational tour of the artpiece's, we were able to head on down to the floor below for some chillin' and drinks!.. 

There is simply no other joint like Minut Init in Malaysia that I know of guys. Its authentic underground bohemian flavour permeates the abundant creative vibes that it regularly plays host to. From the visual arts to the literary (poetry night), there's a comedy night, drink n' draw, live bands of course and sooo much more.. As Juice Magazine had to say...

"Minut Init is a punk rock-esque art space, like the smoky underground confined art spaces of the LA do-it-yourself art scene’s glory days. It has been home to alt-art exhibitions such as the new media-inclined Made in Phones and counter culture-sounding Tahi Cicak. It’s easier to name a bigger art venue, but we say let’s give a round of applause to the smaller guys too.” – (Best Art Venue, Juice Best Of 2011)

As it so happens, our closing will be fortuitously coinciding with the groovy tunes of 
 The Kickback@Minut Init. So if you are in the mood for some top notch unwinding & catching the last night of our visual fest as well, head on down this Saturday 12th, 9pm onwards.. :)

Thanks for the visit!..

p.s. keep up to date with Minut Init's latest events at its Facebook page : Minut Init art social & Minut Init

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Christmas Mince Pies Paintings!

Hiya all!.. the 2nd & 3rd of my Christmas Mince Pie watercolour series is finally complete!. I started these two back in January but with all the hoopla it was impossible to work on them again till recently.​ I'm really glad they are complete as I see them as closing a chapter in my life and look forward to working more and more on work more consistent with my present progression as an artist.

Things are still uncertain here on the home front but I'm still trying to stay focused no matter what!.. After almost a year with work being disrupted, no time should or can be wasted in getting back on track. I pretty much live, sleep, breath my art and know from experience that anything less, utterly drains my soul. As a result I can be quite an antisocial beast, not taking kindly to things that take any time away from doing what I feel is necessary to pursue the profession with as much depth as I would like!...

Now with that little melodramatic bit over, check out these light, festive, fun paintings!!.. :D

Artists Watercolour on Archers 100% cotton 300gsm Watercolour Paper
7 x 5 Inches

Artists Watercolour on Archers 100% cotton 300gsm Watercolour Paper
7 x 5 Inches

Thanks for dropping by!.. :)

Monday, August 31, 2015

New Home, New Studio!..

Hi all!.. So we're finally, yes Finally settled into our new home!.. I'd say we've been settled now for at least a few weeks and I really wanted to post pictures as promised but the camera was unfortunately damaged during the move!.. After more than 8 months of irregular art work, I basically can't draw/paint anymore.. ok kidding, but seriously, bad stuff coming outta me now.

Anyways thankfully my dear partner (who is an amazingly talented photographer btw) just gave me one of his old cams to use!!.. Yay!..  So as I knuckle down with some intensive much needed back to basics practice, let me leave you with some pictures of the specially built extension for my new studio!!... :D

Light, light wonderful light!..
Windows all round.. woo, but unfortunately one has to think of safety, thus they are all barred. 
As you can see there's a lovely newly hewn mango tree (here's a lil sketch) just outside the window and a small patch of dirt where we plan to start growing some organic veges again! 

Inside the cave. First varnishing day at the new studio!

Lovely solid wood table (complements of the bro, as was all the reno's and new house!) to do all manner of work included inside & outside the creative process e.g..varnishing, priming/constructing canvases/frames,cutting etc.
And a small book shelf to put some of me books!.. :)
There's also a huge sink just a hop, skip & a jump out back, something every artist Needs!.. 

If you look Real close you'll spy the fumes from my newly varnished oil paintings, dancing out the window.

All noxious materials are kept in the studio, so that their fumes stay out of the house and my bedroom beside it, which doubles up as my storage room

Lovely view of our garden just outside my window.

Empty canvases, paintings and lesser used material/tools are stored in the room next to my studio so that only the very essentials are kept in my actual work area. This is very similar to how I organized my work space in the old house except now my storage room is just next to the studio!!..

A view of just a tiny part of my storage room (come bedroom) on the left side..

Basically almost half my bedroom stores the rest of my art stuff,.. carefully organized for easy access, and so as to intrude as minimally as possible with the rest of my bedroom.

The walls are still a lil' sparse at the moment.

Like a new pair of shoes, the studio still has some wearing to go.. Probably an organic spread of odd art pieces stuck to the walls, maybe some narrow shelves to keep freshly painted small canvases...  

With triple sliding glass doors, I can analyze and check out how my paintings are looking from afar from the next room!

As you can imagine, it's amazing having ones own solitary space to work in. It's made a world of a difference to not have the constant distractions and goings on that I used to just try and block off, as I worked center stage in my old house. I'm sure my family's quite happy to be rid of my arty clutter too!... :)

Now as I hear the fireworks proclaim the beginning of the Merdeka festivities, I wish all my fellow Malaysians, Selamat Merdeka! 
Thanks for dropping by!.. :D

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New Studio WIP!!

Hiya guys!..I'm super excited as my studio is in it's final stages of completion!!
Work has been really slow for all reno's at the new house as my contractor has been having problems sourcing materials and getting enough laborers. The progress on the house has been far from ideal but it is what it is. I'm not going to let it dampen my glee for the new house, reno's and the new studio!!.. :D

Here are some wip pics of the studio!

Before the rumble.

Laying the bricks.
Woo.. testing the space with my easel!
More laying of bricks..

It's getting there...

and the windows are in!!

We luckily had old left over windows from other reno's being done to the house so they match perfectly with the rest of the house and their mirror glass will keep the interior cool when closed. I will be keeping them open most of the time though, for the ever important ventilation one needs for a studio, so there will be a good amount of natural light too if I so wish.. hehehe..

I haven't taken a good pic to show the inside yet, but we've put in a 3 panel glass sliding door between the room we extended from and the studio which looks fantastic as it gives the studio a much more spacious feeling, enabling me to check out works in progress from afar while also keeping the noxious fumes from the studio getting into the other room!.. 

I'll post pics once it's all done in a few weeks.. :D
Ta for now!...

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Redesigning our New Home!!!...

Hiya guys, I thought I'd just post a little of what I've been getting up to these past months as we prepare to move!.. From redesigning a whole new kitchen, studio, porch and utility room to designing an elderly friendly porch, bathroom etc.. for an elderly parent (major renovations by virtue of a benevolent sibling) , it's been a great learning experience testing out my untapped & totally inexperienced interior designing skills, lol.. Here is a peek of the final designs after a heap of sketches with endless feedback from family and friends !

Good news is all the designs are done and now I can kick up my heels and leave it to the contractor!!.. Not!.. lol if only it was that easy ay. 
Ahh can't wait to be finally settled in, hopefully by May!..

p.s. So looking forward to finally getting back to work in my brand new studio!!... 
Here's a sneak peek of the extension being made for it!!..
Am I crazy lucky or what!!.. :D
Testing out my easel in the soon to be built studio!..

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Signed & Numbered Limited Edition Giclee Prints!!

Hi all!,.. After a good bit of hunting I finally found an Amazing printer, that uses the very best in Museum Grade quality materials and printers to print Limited Editions of my favourite artworks!!

If you've been around for a bit, you will know, I had for a time put up my work on Fine Art America
( a print on demand site) as I hadn't found any other reliable printer to reproduce the high quality prints that I wished. However I didn't like the fact that I wouldn't be able to control how many were sold or personally inspect & personalize each piece before they were shipped off to each collector.
I also missed the chance to personally connect with each of my collectors! So despite having paid to be a full member for a year, I closed my account way before the years end and started to search for a local printer that really held the high standards I expected.

Dragon Eye Reflection of Creation / Signed Limited Edition Giclee in only 2 sizes of #150 each
14 x 9.7 Inches (Large) & 7 x 5 Inches (Small) 

And now I've found one!.. They specialize in Fine Art Museum Grade Quality Giclee Prints and I was able to choose papers that would best suit each art piece individually from a range of archival papers.
 Now I'll get to personally inspect (and if need be, colour correct) each reproduction and control the number of each print run so they can be made available as personally signed, numbered and dated Limited Edition prints!.. :) 
Each print will also come with a signed & numbered Certificate of Authenticity!..

To maintain the integrity of my Limited Editions, all pieces I have sold on online 'print on demand sites' will be maintained as open edition prints, though now I will be offering them personally signed with a signed 'Certificate of Authenticity' too!

The image above titled 'Ouroboros', is a scan of the actual print of the painting! Isn't the print quality Amazing!.. The printing is of the highest quality (done with an Epson Stylus Pro 9900 Printer ), and as you can see, the textural strokes of the original is really brought to life in the reproduction..
This piece comes in a Signed Limited Edition of  #150 in one size only: 8 x 6.64 Inches.
Ouroboros Signed Limited Edition Giclee #150

Each print is printed using UltraChrome HDR Archival Pigment Ink on Archival 100% cotton rag Canson Arches Aquarelle 310 gsm / Permajet Smooth Art Silk 300gsm Paper with an Epson Stylus Pro 9900 Printer!..

On another note, I'm still having loads of fun, helping to think of renovation design features for the new house, including a new studio!!.. Yay!.. It's an extra busy time, but what awesome things to be busy with in the new year!!...

Wishing you guys an Amazing year ahead too!!..

Thanks for the visit!... :)

Thursday, November 27, 2014


I am often asked what drives me as an artist. It is a difficult question, as there is an unfortunate conflicting paradigm when talking about oneself. The confines of writing about oneself, hinders the reader from seeing the ever evolving ambiguous nature of any persons psyche, restricting what they interpret to the words on the page. However, could the confines of language, though inadequate / at times misleading / up for interpretation depending on cultural and social background, get close to describing anything if one could define every nuance and turn in emotion with unlimited space and time?.. perhaps..  

Noise, so much, everywhere... Noise that means absolutely nothing and noise that means so much, it hurts to listen... 

Charcoal Pencil on Newsprint
Size: 12.5 x 8.6 Inches

'Silence 2'
Sanguin Oil/ Rotel FFTT & Chinese White Pencil on Archival (acid & Lignen Free) Paper Toned and sized with Watercolour & Shellac
Size: 11.6 x 9.4 Inches

Now to the question of what drives me to create art?...

My evolution in art has always been an internal conflict for me. The fire within me to create is undeniable, however it eats me inside as well as feeds me. Holding two opposing ideas alive in the same mind, then breaking it down and breathing life into it on canvas, in a way that speaks true to those who behold it, is a daily battle. I'm sometimes surprised when I emerge from the confines of my self indulgent tremulous studio that the world is, as always, carrying on, unconcerned by my petty artistic ups and downs. Sometimes I throw my hands up, and paint a pretty picture to keep myself going, but these pieces are not what drive me to create. This is a journey I feel thankful every second to be on though, and the artistic growth I see every day helps feed the fire.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Prague Watercolour

Hiya, this one's complete...

Artist's Watercolour on 100% cotton Aquarell Archers 300gsm Watercolour Paper
Size: 11.25 x 8 Inches

Painted for my mum from a postcard she brought back from Prague a few years back, this piece gave me the opportunity to try out the Aquarell Archers Watercolour Paper I had just bought recently.

Thank for the visit..

Monday, September 1, 2014

A Friend's Chair

This painting will probably be quite familiar to most of ya art lovers ( at least the original would be). It's a repainting of Van Gogh's Chair that I did way WAY back when, as a 21st Birthday present for an old friend.
As many art students do in learning their craft, I copied one of my favourite masters, and in turn, got a small taste of what a genius Van Gogh was with colour..

Oil on Canvas Mounted on Heavyweight Cardboard
Size: 12 x 8.7 Inches
The reds of the tiled floor are actually more orangy in my repainting, but as is often the case, reds are really hard and often impossible to capture accurately in digital form (even with the help of photoshop).

It was lovely to see it again, for its long looonng overdue varnish and clean up after so many years... As you can imagine, it was quite grubby. It had also never been varnished before ( I didn't really think of such things at the time, and though I had meant to get it back for varnishing at some point, the 'some point' turned out to be 13 years later... lol). Despite this I did manage to get it relatively clean with some artists white spirit and a good ol' putty eraser. You can be sure, I'll never let one my paintings run wild, without any protection for so long, ever again!. (at least as long as I can help it!)

Ok that's it!... Thanks for the visit guys!.. :)

p.s. you might notice the little key (for her 21st Birthday) added in the box in the background.. :)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

'Dragon Eye' Reflection of Creation Complete!

Yes! It is finally complete! After more than 4 years since it's conception (with a 'few' long breaks, agonizing over details) the 18th glaze layer and last (over an acrylic burnt umber underpainting and 3 'Dead Layer' layers) was laid a few days back. Preliminary works were done as well like a sculpture as reference, and a tiny painting done in acrylic to work out elements and hues I would be adding.

Oil and Alkyd on Primed CanvasBoard
Size: 5.1 x 7.3 Inches

As you can imagine I'm thinking of holding on to this one for a while yet. :)

Artists Statement:
Depicting a mythological instant of creation or creations, reflected in the eye of a dragon (the eye also a play on the etymological root of dragon 'drakein' which is 'to see clearly').
Dragon's have been associated with the beginnings of time, chaos, in various myths and legends in different contexts. Some mythic representations are not really dragon's in the original stories per say (like Tiamat) however the dragons imagery was somehow attached later on... Reflected in it's eye is the inside view of a black hole, the singularity of creation seemingly brought to life by Michelangelo's God as depictedin his 'Creation of Adam' masterpiece.... Ancient symbols tied with creation from various civilizations (ouroboros, Om, tao, pheuma and kneph) are carved in the dragons skin...
A questioning juxtaposition of humanities beliefs through the ages and its inexhaustible search for the true nature of the beginning of time and indeed the meaning of life itself.....

Check out more about this piece at 'Dragon Eye' Reflection of Creation
 where you'll find work in progress images!

It's been a ride, thanks to all who have come along for the journey! :)

Monday, August 4, 2014


Hiya guys!.. Thanks for dropping by!.. Hope ya guys have had a chance to check out my weekly 'SUNDAY FREE GIVEAWAY' on my facebook page Jacqueline Gomez Fine Artist where I giveaway one of my favourite practice drawings of the week to whoever says they want it first!..

It's been great fun, and it's great that these drawings that would otherwise just be getting moldy and taking up space in my studio are now infusing art lovers homes with that unique rare feeling only original art-pieces can imbue. I do not have the copyright for these particular pieces, as they are practice drawings using images from, which is why I'm giving them away! (In other words, if I could sell them, I would, but since I can't, I might as well give them away!)
This is why I won't be able to do this forever or with pieces created from paid life studies or images I have purchased the rights to, for obvious reasons. Beside the time taken, life drawing sessions can be quite pricey (for me at least) and are rare in Malaysia, which is the reason I rely and find these online sites for practicing, a blessing. 

Ok on to the real reason I'm here today... 
To post my latest oil painting based on Gustav Klimt's Original 'Death and Life'.!..

Size: 7.5 x 5.1 Inches

Artist's statement excerpt
"Gustav Klimt's painting 'Death and Life' is quite typically Symbolist in both its content and form and here I attempt to bring the symbolism of the 'Life' group, in which intertwined figures of infancy, youth, maturity and old age, celebrating life bound up in love ,.. a step further in its inclusiveness......"
read and see more...

That's all for now folks!... :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Few of My Latest Small Paintings.

Hiya! I just realized I hadn't posted these here yet. As I try to flex my watercolouring skills I decided to paint my favorite holiday goody - 'Mince Pies'!.. I managed to get some good images of it in progress which you can check out on my website at 'Mince Pies'!.. :)

Artists Watercolour on 300gsm Fabriano Rough Watercolour Paper
Size: 5 x 7 Inches

This oil was also painted from a photo I took a few years back in India.. I took some images of this piece in progress too, which can be seen at 'Inside Looking Out in India'..

'Inside Looking Out in India'
Oil on Primed CanvasBoard
Size: 5.1 x 7.3 Inches

I'm currently working on another oil the same size which should be completed soon. I'll try not to forget posting it here when it's done!.. :D

Okie that all folks!.. :)

Monday, May 12, 2014

'Timeless Chaos' Oil on Copper Complete!

It was really fun experimenting with this piece, and I'm really happy that the result turned out as intended after an evolution of ideas on how I would actually try to visualize the concept of the piece..

Medium: Winsor & Newton Oil and Alkyd on Copper Mounted on
Winsor & Newton Galeria Gesso Primed Wrapped Canvas Board.
Size: 11 x 10 Inches

Check out how it was created at 'Timeless Chaos' on my website.. :)

Ta for now!.. :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Zenjo and Daruma

Hiya guys,.. thought I'd swing by to tell ya how my 'Golden Flame' mixed media painting is doing in its new home!.. 

Zenjo, the newest, hottest, fusion Japanese restaurant in town, just opened its doors last week to resounding success, and how stoked was I to have my painting be a part of it!.. The synergistic fusion of contemporary & traditional vibes of this restaurant come cafe/bar, was both energizing and relaxing. The perfect spot for winding down and enjoying a refreshing night out.. And the food.. now I'm not a Japanese food connoisseur but my partner and I, had to agreed, the food was amazingly delish,.. it's even making me feel hungry just thinking about now!.. 

The love of my life Anand in front of Zenjo.

gosh!.. 'Golden Flame' at pride of place..
and there's an upstairs too!

Safe n sound in its new home

Thanks to J Chia and colleagues for the lovely night of great ambiance, excellent food and even better company!.. :D

Zenjo is at,...

G - 29 Empire Damansara,
Jalan PJU 8/8 
47800 Damansara Perdana

Thanks for dropping by!.. :)